Healing massage

The modes of action of massage are extensive. From muscle relaxation and pain relief to improved tissue regeneration and accelerated healing processes .

Why does healing massage help to put the pain away?

Contact takes pain by „Gate Control“.  It has been found that a tactile stimulus superimpose a pain stimulus and the ” Pain Gate ” may close for a time. Good to see, for example, if we have hurt us. Instinctively our hands migrate to the aching part of body and hold or rub there.

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As healing Masseuse I dedicate myself both the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal pain . It is my intention to provide quality massage . For this I combine different techniques that I individually adapt to your clinical picture . Of course, I am responsible for you and would also like to support your orthopedist , surgeon or physical trainer.

I am pleased to be able to support you on your way to free from symptoms , rehabilitation and regeneration.

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