Benjamin Struß MSc. Ost. D.O.

2006-2011 Study of Osteopathy at the International Academy of OsteopathyILO

2011-2013 Specialized degree in osteopathy   at the College of Health in Innsbruck

Lecturer at the International Academy of Osteopathy


  • Number of courses about Osteopathy after De Bakker
  • Neuraltherapy, Thalamus Mainz
  • Ear accupunkture, Thalamus Stuttgart
  • Biochemistry according to Schüssler, Thalamus Mainz
German, English

Together achieve success with osteopathy

„My many years as a Physiotherapist have convinced me that the exercises only can use specifically when looking at the body holistically. I have found in osteopathy and craniosacral therapy this access. Cranio Sacral Therapie. Based on I’ll try to find the cause of your problem, to tell you the cause of course, in order to then work together to solve as part of pain management.
Center of my treatment is always the patient / in. To optimize the success of the therapy, I need your cooperation. Together, we seek to ensure that YOU STAY HEALTHY. ”

Benjamin Struß MSc. Ost. D.O. – Your qualified Osteopath in 1010 Wien

Arrange your appointment under 0660 67 81 493 im Schmerzzentrum im 1. Bezirk in the pain center in the 1st district and seek advice and treatment from Benjamin Struß.