Training for medical masseuse in Gars/Kamp 2013
Certificate as a therapist for healing massage in Gars/Kamp 2015

• Ongoing training as Cranio Sacral Therapist according to Dr. John E. Upledger

German, English

Holistic Pain Treatment

Healing massages are not only meant for the acute cases and strong tension, but
assist in the efficient prevention and disease prevention .

Why does healing massage relieve the pain?

Contact takes pain by „Gate Control“. It has been found that a tactile stimulus superimpose a pain stimulus and the ” Pain Gate ” may close for a time. Good to see, for example, if we have hurt us. Instinctively our hands migrate to the aching part of body and hold or rub there.

My goal is that I contribute with my work to ease the symptoms, so that your body can fully concentrate on the healing process!
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